Essential Care For Tourists

From as little as $10 a day

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  • As a valued member of the Angela Healthcare family, we offer you a comprehensive health check that builds on your existing health history with us. This personalized service ensures continuity of care, focusing on monitoring any changes and adjusting your health plan as necessary.

Additional Information

All tourist subscription packages include free pharmacy delivery services. Subscription packages are available within the first 24 hours of arrival in the Cayman Islands. Proof of date and time of arrival required upon initiation of use of services. A snapshot of your boarding pass or other official travel document is sufficient. Didn’t subscribe within your first 24 hours of arrival? Access to services is available at the following fee-per-service rates:- Telemedicine consultations- $100 each (some prescriptions can be issued using this option)- House-calls (medical professionals, deliver care at your hotel or condo)- $300 per visit/consultation. (This includes an initial telemedicine consultation)- Pharmacy delivery services- $10 per delivery

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